November 2019

• Hand Me Down My Walkin' Shoes - Walking in Paris
• Hidden Bars Around the World
• Free Museum Admission in Italy
• Renewing TSA PreCheck and Global Entry
• Who's on My Party Line
• Sleep Better on the Road with the Bucky Eyemask


October 2019

• Big Wheel Keep on Turnin' - Relaxing on the River
• Artist Alex Chinneck Installs Knotted Postbox Art Around London
• Deadline Approaches for Needing a Real ID to Travel
• Golden Toilet Stolen From Palace in England
• One Way to Avoid Tight Airport Connections
• Keep Your Phone Safe from the Elements

September 2019

• A Visit to the Point Reyes National Seashore
• Top Tree House Hotels - Tarzan Not Included
• Street Side Study Corners in Mumbai
• Travel Vaccinations - Just a Shot Away
• London Underground Prepares to Heat Homes
• Eco-Friendly Telescoping Travel Straw Set

August 2019

• A Young Lad Learns A New Game
• Frankfurt Subway Station Entrance is a Train Wreck
• Trade Plastic Bottles for Subway Rides in Rome
• Guanajuato's Museum of Mummies - Or are They Just Dead Bodies?
• Bag Check Fees Add Up Quickly
• All Homeopathic Remedy for Jet Lag

July 2019

• The Clampetts Take on The Champs-Élyseés
• Inspiring Bridges Around the World
• Rome Imposes New Rules
• Handbag Shopping in Paris
• Free SIM cards at the Dubai airport
• New Laundry Packs

June 2019

• Strolling the Canals of Venice Beach
• Thai Roadside Vendor Harnesses Heat for Solar Chicken
• Quicker Uber/Lyft Pickups at PDX
• A Portuguese "Bank" Gives Out Tiles
• Striking Paris Workers Close Museums
• Handy GoTubb Storage Containers

May 2019

• The Bluest Skies You've Ever Seen are in Seattle
• Swim (with fish!) in the World's Largest Spring Fed Swimming Pool
• How airbnb's are Changing Travel
• Basic Economy Fares Limit Carry-Ons
• Finding the Right Expedited Travel Security Program
• Travel Essentials Adds Patagonia

April 2019

• 25 Years of Fun and Adventure at Travel Essentials
• Check in for Your Flight from This Barbados Beach
• There She Is, Your Ideal, The Dream of a Million Girls
• Red Light District Tours Banned in Amsterdam
• Don't Let your TSA PreCheck Expire
• Leak Proof Travel Liquids Pouch-Carry on Approved!

March 2019

• When Weather Delays Force a Change of Plans
• Roller Skating in a Former Church
• Skipping Out on Part of an Airline Ticket
• It's a Nice Day for a White Wedding
• How the U.S. Lags Behind Europe with Credit Cards
• Let the Sun Power your Next Party with String Lights

February 2019

• Bellying Up to a Cozy Brown Bar in Amsterdam
• Getting Pranked at the Airport by Fake Power Outlets
• Speed Through Customs with New Free App
• Money Doesn't Make the World Go Round, Food Does
• Help Save the Coral Reefs by Switching Sunscreen
• New Migrate Duffels From Eagle Creek

January 2019

• Three Delightful Days in Mexico City
• Swimming Pool Museum Reopens in Roubaix, France
• Two One Way Tickets May be Cheaper than Roundtrip
• Well It's One for the Money, and Two for the Show
• Keep Your Luggage Organized in the New Year
• Let's Watch the Old Year Die, with a Fond Goodbye


December 2018

• Got the Gate on the Golden Gate
• When Carrying On Takes on a New Meaning
• Communicating in Any Language
• Ignoring a Gate Check Bag Request
• Kiss Your Loved Ones Goodbye At the Gate
• Lighten Up with Inflatable & Solar Luci Lights

November 2018

• Adventures in Glaciering — Iceland Edition
• Parisian Parasols at Pep's Maison
• All You Want to do is Ride Around Sally
• He's a Pinball Wizard – There's Got to be a Twist
• Translate Signs and Menus With Your Smart Phone
• Keep it Clean With Flint Pocket Lint Roller

October 2018

• In The Book of Life, the Answers Aren't in the Back
• Carving Busts From Butter at the Minnesota State Fair
• I Came in Here for that Special Offer
• Scan Your Suitcase to Check its Size on
• Got Trip Insurance? Apparently, We Do!
• Rechargeable LED Book Light from Mighty Bright

September 2018

• With Your Chrome Heart Shining in the Sun
• Walk Across Vietnam's New Golden Bridge
• When You'll Need a Real ID to Fly Domestically
• I Hitched a Ride with a Vending Machine Repairman
• Where Does Lost Luggage Go?
• A Great Day Pack that Stuffs Away When Not in Use

August 2018

• Roadside Oddities of the American Southwest
• Photographer Steve Fitch Captures Neon Motel Signs
• There Were Bells on a Hill, but I Never Heard Them...
• Man, I Feel Like a Woman
• The Answer My Friend, is Blowing in the Wind
• Pack a Bar of Soap in a Flat Leakproof Soap Carrier

July 2018

• I Still Have a Suitcase in Berlin
• Secret Gardens in Cities Around the World
• TSA Takes a Powder
• Wading in the Water at Zion National Park
• London Buskers Go High Tech
• GoToob Leakproof Squeeze Bottle Gets an Update

June 2018

• The Wonders of Slot Canyons
• Istanbul's Mini Bird Mansions
• Negotiating EasyJet's Carry-on Policy
• Bodies in the Sand, Tropical Drink Melting in Hand
• Budapest Railway Run by Children
• Clean Drinking Water for Your Next Vacation

May 2018

• These Streets Will Make You Feel Brand New —Walking in New York
• Copenhagen Harbor's Public Floating Islands
• A Boy Named Sue — Why Boarding Pass Names Should Match the Name on Your Passport
• Every Single Big Ol' Jet Aero Liner
• Oh the Streets of Rome, Are Filled with......Tennis?
• Get 50 Hours of Light with the New Solar Lantern

April 2018

• Just Be Right There When the Whistle Blows
• New York Artist Ruby Silvious Paints Used Tea Bags Inspired by Her Travels
• Save Time and Trouble at Airport Security
• Staying Fit While on the Road
• Your Chance at Royalty for a Weekend
• Our Best Selling Travel Neck Pillow Just Got Better

March 2018

• In Heaven There is no Beer — That's Why We Drink it Here
• Sleep in a Glass Pod, Hanging Off a Peruvian Cliff
• Reconnect Without Your Phone
• That Time I Put Vodka in my Eye
• Time to Get a Second Opinion
• Flexible Compact Water Bottles Collapse for Storage

February 2018

• Right in the Middle of a Big Fish Fry
• How This Loch Ness Monster Hunter Found His Bliss
• Will We Soon Say Goodbye to Boarding Passes
• Shopping for Local Artisan Goods in Madrid
• If the Shoe Fits, Wear it — And Ride Free Transit!
• Baby It's Cold Outside — So Add a Layer of Silk

January 2018

• Anita Won't Throw Me A Rose This Fight
• The Chandelier Tree in Los Angeles
• Traveling with Her Majesty the Queen
• How to Enroll for Global Entry Without an Interview
• Leave Me Where I Am, I'm Only Sleeping
• Hang Me (or actually my Underwear) Out to Dry


December 2017

• Tonight, We Are Young
• Unusual Holiday Celebrations Around the World
• Canceling a Trip Without Insurance
• Who Doesn't Love Butter?
• New Rules for Airport Identification
• Scratch Away to Your Next Destination

November 2017

• There Stands the Glass...
• Take a Plunge in one of these Deluxe Swimming Pools around the World
• Congratulations to the Best Airport in the World
• Age is Only a Number, Or is It?
• Let the Games Begin!
• Stay Dry with this Waterproof Trenchcoat

October 2017

• I Been All Around This Great Big World...
• Make Night Lights out of Gourds at Gourdlandia
• World's First "Smart Street" Opens in London
• Life is a Journey, Not a Destination
• Discounted Europe Fares With Wow Airlines
• New RFID-Blocking Currency & Passport Organizer

September 2017

• It's a Marvelous Night for a Moondance
• Travel Industry Assists in Hurricane Harvey Relief
• Tokyo "Art Aquarium" Exhibit Houses 5,000 Goldfish
• Ryanair Proposes New Drinking Regulation
• Wait Until That Deal Come 'Round
• Charge it All On This Adaptor With Built-In USB Ports

August 2017

• Be An Actor My Son, But Be a Comical One
• Renew Your Passports Without Stress
• Regional Snacks That Define America
• Free WiFi for All - At Least in Italy
• Extra Screening Now Required for Electronics
• SPIbelt Keeps Valuables Close & Secure

July 2017

• Welcome One and All
• Stay Connected While Traveling
• This Just May Be the Cutest Parade Ever
• Fingerprint Scans to Speed Up Airport Security
• Pesto For All
• Briggs & Riley Transcend: New Design, New Features

June 2017

• Ohh Thank Heaven for 7-11
• TSA Expanded Electronics Screening
• The Best US State Parks
• Cleaning the World - One Bar of Soap...
• TSA Pre-Check in Medford
• Keep a Sliim Profile With Big Skinny Wallets

May 2017

• Traveled Down the Road & Back Again
• We Stand On Guard for Thee
• Steam Baths Around the World
• Passport in Hand...
• I Got a Brand New Set of Rules
• Briggs & Riley Transcend Luggage - 20% Off!
April 2017

• And Then There Were None
• Well, It's Only Money...
• Beautuiful Women Around the World
• Pick Up the Phone...
• Talk, More Talk - Chat, More Chat
• Now On Sale At Travel Essentials

March 2017

• Don't Ask Me No Questions
• I Guess It's Healthy...
• Find Your Favorite Street Musician
• That's What You Get for Being Polite
• A Little Old Church in England
• Osprey Convertible 22" Carry-On

February 2017

• So This Is What Makes Life Divine
• Is This The Future?
• The Museum of Broken Relationships
• It's No Secret
• Say the Word I'm Thinking Of
• Silky Soft BambooDreams Clothing On Sale

January 2017

• The Roman Ruins of Jordan
• What's on Your Bucket List
• Best Public Toilets in the USA
• Free, Free, Set Them Free
• The People on the Bus Go Up & Down
• Lighter Travel in the New Year


December 2016

• Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
• It Seems Like a Good Time for a Hug
• Briggs & Riley is #1 With Consumer Reports
• Put a Chain Around My Neck
• I'm Gonna Pack My Suitcase

November 2016

• Workin' on Our Night Moves
• I Hate Everything About You
• Images of What the World Eats
• Now That I've Found You...
• Should I Stay or Should I Go?
• Multi-Functional Avenue Tote

October 2016

• Penguins Are So Sensitive to My Needs
• Gotta Get the First Plane Home
• This JetBlue Video Will Warm Your Heart
• I Wear Dark Glasses to Cover My Eyes
• Let's Go to the Movies
• Stay Dry & Stylish, Too!

September 2016

• We're Only Happy When We're Shopping
• Inch by Inch, Row by Row
• Midcentury Modernist Motels
• C'mon Gimme Good Water
• Driving in My Car, Smoking My Cigar
• Osprey Lightweight Packable Daypack

August 2016

• I Want to Ride My Bicycle
• You Can Check Out Anytime...
• 2016 Travel Photo Contest Ends This Month!
• Drink That Bottle Down
• Staying Informed & Connected
• Go Everywhere Merino Henley Top

July 2016

• Love Makes the SeeSaws Go Up and Down
• Just Because I'm a Woman
• Are You Getting Hungry?
• We Were Never Being Boring
• Nobody's Fault But Mine
• Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Duffels

June 2016

• The Special Today was the Eight Piece Box
• You're as Cold as Ice
• The Best of the Middle of Nowhere
• Tired of Waiting for You
• Don't Forget Your Change!!!
• Kinzie Street from Briggs & Riley

May 2016

• She's Got a Ticket to Ride
• Just Keep On Breaking the Rules
• Hotels for When You Want to Get Away
• Deliver the Letter, The Sooner the Better
• It's Only Change in Pockets
• Lightweight Expedition Top

April 2016

• Listen to the Grass Skirts Sway
• South of the Border
• The "Real" Costs of Flying with Discount Airlines
• Would I Lie to You?
• Got a World of Trouble on My Mind
• The Inflatable, Solar-Charging Lamp

March 2016

• Team Phun! in India - Saving the Best for Last
• No Cinque Terre Tourist Limits Yet
• The Bright Colors of India's Holi Festival
• Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
• If You Get Too Cold, I'll Tax the Heat
• New Eagle Creek Outdoor Gear

February 2016

• Well, It's One for the Money, Two for the Show
• Luxury Pet Travel
• Best New Museums to Visit Around the World
• Can I See Some ID?
• If You Really Like It, You Can Have the Rights
• Waist Packs from Eagle Creek

January 2016

• A World Where Every Neighbor is a Friend
• Every Picture Tells a Story
• Artist Transforms Landmarks With Paper
• Movies at the Airport
• Where Bob Wills is Still the King
• Thermasilk Long Underwear


December 2015

• In a Town This Size, There is No Place to Hide
• Let the Buyer Beware
• Flush With Success Around the World
• Be My Dixie Chicken
• Rick Steves Calls for Travel Without Fear
• Safe Water With Steripen

November 2015

• Looking Sweet Upon the Seat
• Europe's Migrant Crisis
• Worshipping in Indonesia's Chicken Church
• Checking & Rechecking
• Sit Right Back, And You'll Hear a Tale
• Bamboo Nightwear

October 2015

• Go to the Country, Build You a Home
• Visitors, Be Warned!
• Meet George Jetson - Japanese Hotel's Robot Reception
• Let's Keep in Touch
• Come Fly With Me, Let's Fly, Let's Fly Away
• Lightweight Osprey Luggage

September 2015

• Along for the Ride
• Leaving My Fingerprints
• The World's Most Beautiful Bookshops
• Travel Documents To Bring Along
• When This Old World Starts Getting Me Down
• Big Comfort Packs Small

August 2015

• We're in the Jailhouse Now
• Don't Be Afraid to Enter Through These Doors!
• You Can Ride it if You Like
• I Found a Picture of You
• Life is Too Short to Have Sorrow
• Cradle Your Head With Evolution Pillow

July 2015

• Team Phun! Meets Lawrence of Arabia
• Portraits of Women in a Stunning "Atlas of Beauty"
• I've Got a Tiger by the Tail
• Let Me Entertain You
• No Changes for Carry-On Bags
• Goodwipes: A Shower in Your Pocket

June 2015

• Being the Ball - Golf in India
• Racing Dragon Boats in Hong Kong
• Everybody Come Aboard
• Open Your Golden Gate
• I Can See for Miles and Miles
• Security Pockets in Your Socks!

May 2015

• Cab Driver - Once More 'Round the Block
• El Colacho's Baby-Jumping Festival
• How United Did NOT Break My Guitar
• Listen - Do You Want to Know a Secret?
• Red, Red Wine - Stay Close to Me
• Small Package, Big Power

April 2015

• Dining Dhaba Style - Roadside Indian Eateries
• Les Foulees du Gois Foot Race
• Money, Money, Money - Must Be Funny
• Here We Are Now, Entertain Us
• They Paved Paradise
• Microfiber Travel Robe

March 2015

• Hooray For Hollywood
• May the Force Be With You
• Tip Toe Through the Tulips
• They've Got An Awful Lot of Coffee in Brazil
• And After All, I'm Only Sleeping
• Compression Socks & Sleeves

February 2015

• Mr. President - Team Phun! Welcomes You to India
• Feeling Hungry?
• Pay Me My Money Down
• Superstition Ain't the Way
• Give that Man a Cigar
• Valentine's Day Bamboo Clothing Sale

January 2015

• Peace on Earth, Goodwill to Men
• Tree Goats of Morocco - On Our Bucket List
• Hidden Deals in Boarding Passes
• All Airports Are Not Created Equal
• Sticks & Stones Will Break My Bones
• Let's Get Physical


November 2014

• It's the Way You Ride the Trail That Counts
• Abandoned (Somewhat Creepy) Places
• All Seats are Not Created Equal
• Take a Walk on the Wild Side
• What the World Eats
• Introducing New Transcend Luggage

October 2014

• I Need a Photo Opportunity
• It's Oktober!
• How to Speed Thru Airport Security
• She's Touching My Butt!
• Chicken or Pasta?
• Colder Days Are A Comin'

September 2014

• Sell Me Something Good
• A 3-D Tour Around the World
• When An Expiration Date Isn't...
• Lend Me Your Books
• Another Reason to Love My iPhone
• Lighten Your Backpack Load

August 2014

• I Fought the Law & the Law Won
• Goodbye Uganda Style
• Come Fly With Me
• Blinded by the Light
• Don't Let Me Wait Too Long
• A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

July 2014

• Sleeping With My Clothes On
• Fancy Spending the Night 220 Feet Below Ground?
• Keeping Your Money Safe
• "Gooooooalllll!" - Andres Cantor
• "Quick" Airport Security Lines
• Fighting Over a Good Bag

June 2014

• Have Yourself a Scooby Snack
• Where Do You Want to Eat?
• Skinny Legs and All
• Running on Empty
• Baby, Now That I've Found You
• Oasis Sun Protective Shirt

May 2014

• Scratch and Win!
• Tahiti, 1959
• Insert Coins, Receive Live Lobster
• Well, Dark Clouds Are Rollin' In
• Luck Be a Lady Tonight
• Don't Throw in the Towel

April 2014

• Buy Me Some Peanuts and Crackerjack
• Safety for All Ages From Air New Zealand
• How to Spot a Fake Online Review
• I Think I'll Just Stay Here and Drink
• An Open Letter to Alaska Airlines
• Open Up Your Airline Seat Space

March 2014

• For the Love of the Food Cart
• Best Paper Plane EVER!
• Train, Train, Rolling 'Round the Bend
• Parisian "Ghost" Stations Reimagined
• The Lowdown on Water Safety
• Now It's Okay to Drink the Water

February 2014

• Bring It On Home
• An In-Flight "Awww!" Moment
• I'm Not Sick, But I'm Not Well
• Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign
• The Weather Outside is Frightful
• Travel Smarter and Safer
January 2014

• Happy Trails to You
• Tour an Ice Hotel - Baby It's Cold Inside!
• Speeding Through Airport Customs
• Strange Travelers in a Strange Land
• Dining in Homes Around the World
• Pack Smarter in 2014


November 2013

• Let's Take a Walk on the Freedom Trail
• Vintage Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Slideshow
• The Distant Future: The Year 2000
• PDX Stands for Pretty Darn Excellent!
• Playing the Airfare Game
• The Davek Mini Travel Umbrella
October 2013

• Hobnobbing With the Kennedys
• El Dia de los Muertos
• Just a Spoonful of Sugar
• Go To Sleep, You Little Baby
• Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
• The Smartphone Travel Tripod
September 2013

• Bright Lights, Big City
• School is Back in Session
• How to Be Nice to Tourists
• Let the Good Times Roll?
• You Got the Wrong Man
• Blame it on the Rain
August 2013

• Here's My Number, Call Me Maybe?
• Topiary Sculpture
• Happy 5th Anniversary Baggage Fees!?!
• Foreign Travel - A Short Photo Essay
• You've Got to Try a Little Kindness
• A Duffel Bag and Backpack in ONE
July 2013

• I Wear My Sunglasses at Night
• Enter our 2013 Travel Photo Contest
• See Last Year's Contest Winners
• We'll Leave the Light on For You
• You've Won Free Plane Tickets! NOT!
• RFID Protection from Eagle Creek
June 2013

• Stranger in a Strange Land
• Flight Attendant Fashion
• Vacation Travel With Airline Miles
• That Screwy Ballyhooey Hollywood
• Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?
• Keep Your Travel Clothing Organized!
May 2013

• Swimmin' Pools, Movie Stars
• How to find "Love" at 35,000 Feet
• Ticket Prices Based on Weight?
• Herding Passengers Like Cattle
• Need Help? Call on Yelp!
• Anti-Theft Suitcases from Pacsafe
April 2013

• Watching Die Hard Italian Soccer Fans
• Beautiful Urban China
• The Secrets of Airline Safety
• What's Behind Door Number One?
• Putting Our Best Wheels Forward
• What are You Wearing Under There?
March 2013

• When Travel Plans Take an Unexpected Turn
• Luxury in the Skies
• You Take the High Road, and I'll...
• Call Me, Beep Me, If You Want to Reach Me
• Booking a Last Minute Vacation
• Protect Against Identity Theft
February 2013

• Eating, Eating, and More Eating
• Japanese "Love Your Wife" Day
• Plan Your Travels With WikiVoyage
• Renewing Our Passports or How We Wasted Two+ Hours of Our Time
• If At First You Don't Succeed...
• BambooDreams Clothing Sale!
January 2013

• We'll Take a Cup of Kindness Yet
• Traditions to Ring in the New Year
• You Say Potato, I Say Patata
• To Duty Free or Not to Duty Free
• The "Perfect" Airline Passenger
• Ultra-Light Packing Organizers


December 2012

• One Gentleman (And Three Women) of Verona
• Save Now With the Briggs & Riley Holiday Sale
• Forbes' Top Christmas Destinations
• Tips for Avoiding Lost Luggage
• Why Are European Showers So Tiny
• He Knows When You're Awake...
November 2012

• Living Large on the Big Island
• Awesome Airplane Paint Jobs
• Paying for "Premium" Airline Seats
• Hurry Up and Wait
• If You Try to Sit, I'll Tax Your Seat
• A Rolling Suitcase Gathers No Moss
October 2012

• Visiting an Italian Masterpiece
• Congratulations to This Year's Photo Contest Winners!
• Everybody Makes Mistakes
• Swiss Efficiency at the Zurich Airport
• (Mis)Understanding Technology
• Leaving Our Toiletries Hanging
September 2012

• A Night at the Opera in Verona
• Thoughts on Plane Seating
• Riding the Rails in Italy
• Traveling as the Third Wheel
• And the Music Played On and On
• How I Keep My Legs Looking Slim
August 2012

• Cliff Dwelling in Switzerland
• Enter the 2012 Travel Photo Contest!
• Don't Glas Wen Me
• Airport Self Check-in Saves Time
• Everybody Clap Your Hands
• Leaving My Clothes High & Dry
July 2012

• Buona Sera, Signorina, Buona Sera
• Breakfast Around the World
• Getting Felt Up by TSA Agents
• Give Us Your Best Shot!
• Airline Lost and Found
• Quick-Drying Microfiber Towel
June 2012

• OverEating in Portland, Oregon
• Sipping Cocktails in the Sky
• If it Sounds Too Good to Be True...
• Tipping in Distant Lands - Yea or Nay?
• Love is in the Air - Literally
• RFID-Blocking Money Belts
May 2012

• I'll See You at the Movies
• Frozen in Grand Central Station
• How to Safely Book a Hotel
• Ordering the Ugly and the Unknown
• Protect Your iPad and Other Electronics
• ScotteVest - The Ultimate Carry-On
April 2012

• Avoid Paper Boarding Passes with Mobile Apps
• Elephant of Nantes
• Get the 4-1-1 on RFID
• Cocktails in a Las Vegas Chandelier
• Don't Flip the Fish in China
• The Kiva Aircraft Toiletry Kit
March 2012

• Life is a Highway, and I Want to Ride It...
• Safety Rap
• Pack As Much As You Want
• Introducing 4-Wheeled Eagle Creek Bags!
• Speed Thru Airport Security
• Get Your Motor Running
February 2012

• Bamboo Dreams Clothing Now 20% Off!
• Strange Hotels
• Airline Prices to Include Fees
• Will You Be My Valentine?
• Easy Access to State Department Travel Updates
• Medford to Oakland on the Cheap
January 2012

• Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot
• Get Inspired to Move
• Career Change in 2012?
• Hiking in Southern Oregon
• Smartly Using Cellphones Abroad
• Converters & Adaptors


December 2011

• The Streets of San Francisco Are Delicious
• The Happiest Place on Earth
• Holiday Lights Around the World
• Save Big With Briggs & Riley's Holiday Sale
• Travel Unwrapped
• Pack Smarter With Baggallini

November 2011

• Indian Cooking With Chef Ranjana Bhargava
• Cute But Comfortable Shoes
• The Very Best Bathroom
• Fake Gold, Landmines & Luggage
• Wide Awake in a Foreign Land
• Meet the New Gorillapod Micro

October 2011

• A Whale of a Tale
• Can You Read the Signs?
• Finding Frequent Flyer Seats
• What Happens When Your Flight is Canceled?
• Dia De Los Muertos
• Smartwool Next to Skin

September 2011

• Glamorous Camping at its Finest
• Who Has the Most Passports?
• Das Parkhotel in Austria
• Car Sharing Cuts Rental Costs
• Should You Buy Travel Insurance?
• Travel Security Belts

August 2011

• Is the Romance Really Dead?
• Enter the 2011 Photo Contest!
• Banning Babies in First Class
• Using Overhead Bins
• Visiting the 9/11 Monument
• Eagle Creek Compression Sacks

July 2011

• Travel Essentials 2011 Photo Contest!
• Light Trails in San Francisco
• Using Credit Cards Abroad
• The Sights and Flavors of North Beach
• Packing Enough Underwear
• You Go Girl! Time to Stand Up!

June 2011

• Renewing an Expiring Passport
• Vacationing is Good for the Brain
• Dreaming of a Camper Vacation?
• Eating in Portland: Where a Doughnut is More than Just a Doughnut
• To Lock or Not to Lock?
• Expiring Frequent Flier Miles

May 2011

• A Hotel With Character
• Big Wheel Racing in San Francisco
• Do You Need That Rail Pass?
• New Rule Refunds Fees for Lost Luggage
• Are Your Electronics Dual Voltage?
• SPIbelt Compact Security Belt

April 2011

• Top Eats (And Top Chefs!) in Chicago
• April Fools Cost-Savings from WestJet
• Art, Food & Culture This Spring
• FREE Packing Workshop on April 26
• The Truth About Carry-On Luggage
• The Eagle Creek Cicada 22L

March 2011

• Celebrate St. Patrick's Day Around the World
• Looking for a Chill Vacation?
• Airport Food Goes Gourmet
• Bandon Dunes: World Class Golf in Oregon
• Travel Smart, Travel Safe
• New GoTubb Travel Containers

February 2011

• A Taste of Pakistan in San Francisco
• Instant English/Spanish Translation!
• How to Save on Airfare in 2011
• TSA & Airline Carry-On Rules
• European Travel Deals
• Winter Briggs & Riley Sale Almost Over


December 2010

• Nancy's 2011 Travel Wishes
• TSA Serenades Travelers
• National Geographic Photo Contest
• 2011 Predicted Travel Trends
• Spending Holidays in Europe
• Winter Briggs & Riley Sale Almost Over

November 2010

• Exploring Cancun
• Briggs & Riley Luggage Sale
• Looking for More Head Room?
• Touring Museum Exhibits
• Easing the Stress of Holiday Travel
• 25% Off Eagle Creek

October 2010

• Do Airplanes Harbor Disease?
• The Rules of the Skies
• The Turkish Two-Step
• Going Blonde in the Maldives
• Ball Park Memories
• GoToob Travel Bottles

September 2010

• Congratulations to the Photo Contest Winners!
• Around the World Without a Bag?
• Using Credit Cards Overseas
• Vital Info on Renting a Car in Europe
• Zurich to Toulouse by Train
• Travel Compression Socks

August 2010

• Train to the Top of Europe
• Using Your Phone Overseas
• The Tokyo Commute
• Enter the 2010 Photo Contest
• Airline Fees Continue to Add Up
• Deluxe Locking Pill Case from Anne McAlpin

July 2010

• Announcing our 10th Annual Photo Conest!
• Win a Trip to Kenya from Eagle Creek
• Air New Zealand's Revealing Advertisement
• Small Town Fourth of July
• What to Do Before You Go
• The Balanzza Mini

June 2010

• Seattle: Big City Envy
• Business Travel Advice
• Unusual Hotels of the World
• Impressionists Come to San Francisco
• Looking on the Bright Side - The Euro
• Waterproof Accessory Case

May 2010

• New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival
• A Daredevil at El Caminito Del Rey
• Carry-On Baggage Fees
• Anne McAlpin Visits Travel Essentials
• Golfing on a Budget
• Vinni Bag - Wine Bottle Protector

April 2010

• Las Vegas - Impressions of "Sin City"
• Where is that Matt fellow?
• A deal from United Airlines
• Getting Bumped from Your Flight
• The Pros and Cons of Airline Extras
• The Lockdown Triple Security Lock

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