Are Your Electronics & Appliances Dual Voltage?

So, you want to take something electronic overseas, but you're not quite sure what kinds of converters and adaptors you might need? These days, it's very likely that you'll only need a simple plug adaptor - most "high end technology" items like phones, iPods, laptops, battery chargers, etc. will switch automatically between 110 and 220 volts. All you have to do is check the label.

Most electronic devices have a prominent label that looks like this picture. On this device (a camera battery charger), you can see that after "Input" it says "110 - 240 volt", which means that it can be used with any voltage within that range, including the 110 volt standard in the United States or the 220 volt standard in much of Europe. All you'll need is a plug adaptor.

On this next label, you can see that this coffee maker is NOT dual voltage. It lists simply "120 volts". Other items may say "110" - anything in this range is a standard US appliance. If you want to use something like this overseas, you will need to pick up a voltage converter.

In this final image, you can see that some appliances have a switch for use between higher and lower voltages. This can be used overseas with only a plug adaptor, but don't forget to flip the switch!

For a complete list of countries' standard voltages and plug types, click here. And, if you'd like more information on the different types of converters, check out this article.