Photon 2 Keychain LED Microlight

Photon 2 Keychain LED Microlight

  • Compact light at your fingertips
  • Long battery life
  • On/off switch for continuous light
The Photon II Microlight utilizes LED technology to produce a large amount of light from a very small source. Attached to your keychain, this little guy will provide you with enough light to walk a path or put your keys in the front door. The LED bulbs do not have filaments like standard incandescent bulbs, so they cannot "burn out". They are rated to last 100,000 hours. We figured that out and it is 11.41 years of constant use. Also, the watch batteries will run between 12 hours (Green & White) and 20 hours (Yellow) before having to be replaced. For comparison, regular bulbs will use up the battery in 2-3 hours. The white Photon light is the brightest, and by far our best-selling color.

Our Price: $14.95