PacSafe Vibe 100 Hip Pack


  • Blocks RFID signals to thwart thieves
  • Fits a 7" tablet
  • Slash-proof strap and front panel
The Vibe 100 Hip Pack from PacSafe is the perfect size for your passport, keys, wallet and even a 7 inch tablet, all with quick access and packed with anti-theft features. These features include mesh lining in the strap and front of the bag to stop your bag from being slashed, an RFID blocking pocket to prevent digital scanning of your information, interlocking zipper pulls, and a security clip and locking system. All of these give you peace-of mind, so you can focus on enjoying the sights instead of worrying about your wallet and phone.

Weight: 11.5 oz
Dimensions: 6.3 x 10.7 x 3.6 inches
Capacity: 245 cubic inches / 4 L
Belt Length: 32.6 inches minimum, 45.3 inches maximum

Our Price: $49.95
Ships in 5-7 Days

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