Osprey Ultralight Zip Toiletry Organizer


  • Lightweight, durable Ripstop Nylon
  • Access center pocket from the outside or the inside
  • Removable see-through pouch
The Osprey Ultralight Zip Toiletry Organizer is a compact, durable toiletry kit that will keep you organized. The fold-out design features three sections - the top has two zippered pockets (one mesh), the middle has a zippered pocket and two slip pockets, and the third section is a removable see-through zippered pouch. The center compartment's zippered pocket can also be accessed from the outside when the toiletry kit is zipped up small. The lightweight nylon is super durable, and the zipper tabs all have easy-to-grab zipper pulls on them. The Ultralight Zip Organizer also features a hook on the top, so you can hang it up in your hotel bathroom and keep your toiletries off the counter.

Our Price: $35.00

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