Mighty Bright Hammer Head Book Light


  • Super flexible and adjustable "neck"
  • Six LED bulbs offer bright light
  • Lightweight and packs up small
Some book lights offer just enough light to read by, but the Mighty Bright Hammer Head Book Light is not one of them. The Hammer Head offers a bright 28 lumens with its six energy-efficient LED bulbs. The engineered lenses spread the light evenly across even the biggest book. The clip opens extra wide, letting you clip the Hammer Head to wider surfaces when needed, and the long flexible neck lets you position the light however you need it. The Hammer Head also has a slightly less-bright mode when you don't quite need that much light. Takes 3 AAA batteries (included) and offers 9.5 hours of reading time. Wherever you go, the Hammer Head will make sure it's bright.

Our Price: $19.99
Ships in 3-5 Days

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