Travel Tips & Advice

There are a lot of different factors to consider before you travel - we've gathered some tried-and-true tips and advice to help you prepare for your next big adventure!

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Staying Connected While
Traveling Abroad

GPS is very useful, even without data turned on!

The 4-1-1 On RFID

Read an explanation of RFID technology and how to stop electronic identity theft with the right bag or wallet.

Drinking Water Safety

Learn the difference between water filters and water purifiers, and get help figuring out which one you need for your next trip.

Breezing Through TSA Security

Have you considered joining the TSA's Pre-Check program?

Using My Phone Abroad

Emily gives practical advice on taking your cellphone overseas.

Travel Insurance

Do you need it? When to buy & what it covers.

Is it Dual Voltage?

How to tell if you'll need a converter when you travel.

Bumped From a Flight?

What should you do next? We have some tips.

Avoiding Lost Luggage

How can you decrease the odds of lost luggage?

Your Flight's Cancelled?

Passenger's have rights, but they can be confusing.

The Best Laid Plans…

When travel plans take an unexpected turn.

Before You Go

Ideas and tips for how to prepare for your next trip.

Food Safety Overseas

Simple tips for eating and drinking safely on trips.

Airline Carry-On Requirements

Top airlines and their carry-on requirements.

Converters & Adaptors

What will you need to travel with your electronics?

Carry-On is Carry-On

Carry-on sizing for luggage hasn't changed, but airlines are cracking down.

Extra Airline Fees

A list of extra airline fees to help you as you pack for your next trip.

Keep Your Money Safe

Why should you wear a money belt?

Charge It!!!

The Best Travel Perks from Credit Cards