First Person Travel Stories

Welcome One and All

The Bestors enjoyed the unique shopping experience of Japan.

So This is What Makes Life Divine
Finding someone to love, travel next to, eat with, and experience the world beside is truely divine.

Ohh Thank Heaven for 7-11
7-11 can save you, whether you need food, a clean bathroom, or a tasty snack.

Traveled Down the Road and Back Again
Traveling with friends can be scary and rewarding!

X Never Marks the Spot—A Visit to Petra
The breathtaking beauty and archeological marvel of Petra.

Walk A Mile in My Shoes
Your feet will thank you for a Thai Massage.

Workin' On Our Night Moves
The Bestors take an after-dark biking tour of Bangkok.

Rollin’ On The River
Cycling across the beautiful country of Jordan.

Into Each Life, Some Rain Must Fall
Hiking New Zealand in the rain.

Penguins are So Sensitive to My needs
Penguins and steam punk and pubs, ohh my.

The Special Today Was the Eight Piece Box
Music, food, and more music in Austin, Texas.

Love Makes the Seesaws Go Up & Down
Thailand lives up to its reputation as the "Land of Smiles".

Nobody's Fault But Mine
A New Zealand "sobriety checkpoint" gives even sober-Bob sweaty palms.

I Want to Ride My Bicycle
The Bestors take in New Zealand by bicycle.

Bob Wills is Still the King
Sarah Bestor explores Memphis's musical history

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