AMK Travel Duct Tape

Travel Duct Tape - 2 Rolls

  • Never go without the universal fix
  • Compact roll design
  • 2 rolls of duct tape - 2" wide & 50" long
Let's face it, it would be easier to list the few things that duct tape can't do than to list all the things that duct tape can do. In fact many men believe that duct tape is the answer to all their problems. And who are we to argue? These rolls of AMK Travel Duct Tape are 2" wide and provide 50 inches of duct tape. Perfectly sized to tuck into the smallest space in either your carry-on luggage, your checked luggage or your day pack. Sooner or later you'll be happy you've tucked it away because duct tape can repair corners of luggage, backpacks and the worn out toes of shoes or boots. It can be used to hold a bumper or muffler that's trying to fall off a car or to strap luggage to the top of your car. I could go on and on, but I'll end with my favorite: Properly applied duct tape can even silence an annoying travel companion. And that makes a Mini-Roll of AMK Travel Duct Tape worth its weight in gold!

Reviews:Duct tape... what else really needs to be said? It is the ultimate all in one fix-it kit. Once, on the first day of a three-day rock climb in Yosemite, the front part of the sole of my shoe became detached from the uppers rendering that foot virtually useless for anything related to climbing. Normally this would necessitate a retreat from the climb, or at least a descent to get another pair of shoes, but in this case we were equipped with duct tape and simply wrapped up the toe of the shoe and kept on going. I've used it to temporarily patch Gore-Tex, protect blisters, fix ski poles, and the list goes on. However, I am endlessly buying entire roles of tape, taking what little I need for my travel kit and then promptly misplacing the rest of the role. Somewhere in my home is a warehouse full of 10 percent used rolls of tape. Also, producing a neat small roll of duct tape from a larger roll is an exercise in futility in itself, what with the tape sticking back on itself or the small roll I'm making getting out of balance and ending up looking more like a long silver sausage. I've tried the age old trick of rolling some tape around the shaft of a ski or trekking pole, only to find it permanently fused there a couple of years later when I needed it. Plus, I don't always take poles along with me. The simple answer, let the folks at GearAid go through the trouble of figuring out how to turn big rolls of duct tape into small, packable rolls of duct tape. The mini roll has plenty of tape for most needs encountered on a trip and easily fits into a side pocket or pack lid. Perfection defined?Sean Bagshaw, Outdoor Exposure Photography, Oregon

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