EuroSurge Adaptor

EuroSurge Adaptor

  • Works in most European Countries
  • Built-in Tax Impulse Filter
  • Includes 2 AC power outlets
The EuroSurge provides complete protection for your laptop computer when in countries with 220-240 volt electricity. The EuroSurge includes two AC power outlets and a protected data port for your modem with a Tax Impulse Filter for a clean connection. You should be able to use the Eurosurge in most European Countries.

For some countries, you will also need the ground collar to transfer the ground throughout. The Grounded European Adaptor Plug (GUB) is built into the Eurosurge, so you will not need an aditional adaptor plug.

The Eurosurge is only for use at 220-240 volts.

Confused? Check out our Travel Electronics Guide!

Our Price: $39.95
Ships in 10-14 Days

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